Product Range
1.   |  Transformer Winding Machines

Manual/Hand Winding, Layer Winding, Motorised Winding Machines

2.   |  CNC Winding Machines

Semi-Automatic Winding Machines

3.   |  Automatic Winding Machines

4-Axis Winding, Multi-spindle Automatic Winding Machines

4.   |  Toroidal Winding Machines

AC Transformer, Current Transformer, CT Winding Machines

5.   |  Armature Winding Machines

Dual Flyer Winding, MixerGrinder Armature, Wiper Motor Armature, Automobile Armature Winding Machines

6.   |  Stator Winding Machines

Automatic Single Stator, Dual Stators Winding Machines

7.   |  Ceiling Fan Stator Winding

Ceiling Fan Single Flyer Stator Winding Machines with different set of toolings

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1. Transformer Winding Machines: ROWLAND
1.1. Manual Hand Winding
1.2. Manual Layer Winding
1.3. Motorised Layer Winding
1.4. Motorised Layer Winding with Speed Control
2. CNC Winding Machines: SYNTHESIS
2.1. Single spindle winding machines
2.2. Double spindle winding machines
2.3. Four spindle winding machines
2.4. Semi-Thick Wire Winding Machine
3. Automatic Winding Machines: SYNTHESIS
3.1. A4: 4 Spindle Automatic Winding Machine
3.2. AT6: 6 Spindle Automatic Winding Machine
3.3. Automatic HV Coil Winding Machine
4. Toroidal CT Winding Machines: ROWLAND
4.1. Toroidal CT Winding Machine with PMDC Motor
4.2. Toroidal CT Winding Machine with AC Induction Motor
5. Armature Winding Machines: SYNTHESIS
5.1. Dual Flyer Automatic Armature Winding Machines
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